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Bronze Alloys

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A wide range of copper based products

Our range includes aluminium, leaded and phosphor bronze products. We also offer SigmaBronze 7 & 12 - our own designation of continually cast copper based bronze alloys.

More about our Bronze Alloys

  Including leaded, aluminium & phosphor bronze
A leaded bronze will generally have better machining characteristics than an unleaded bronze. It will, however, retain a plasticity that makes it ideal for applications such as the production of bearings, as it allows slacker tolerances to be absorbed if softer shaft materials are used. This also prevents the overheating and seizure of like metals caused by friction.

Adding zinc to bronze alloys results in an alloy commonly known as “gunmetal”. This derives from the use of this product in early culverins etc., used because of its hardness and strength. It also has good resistance to corrosion and finds many applications in the marine industry. Added lead improves the machinability of this product.

Aluminium bronze, one of the newer additions to the alloy range, has become well established in the manufacturer of avionic equipment as well as use in naval and military applications.

Alloy specifications

During the late 1990s a new series of BS EN standards was brought in for all copper based alloys (i.e. bronze). The new series of standards brought with it a new system for describing products. The system described products in two ways, one using symbols the other using numbers. The symbol system follows the ISO compositional system and a brass made up of a 63/37 ratio of copper and zinc is shown as CuZn37. The numbering system is six-character alpha numeric system with two characters (the first of which will be ‘C’ for copper) followed by three numbers and a letter. Using this system PB1 has become CC481. with the second C denoting a cast product.

Our products are listed using the old and the new systems (including the symbol based new method).

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