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Aluminium Alloys

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Thames Stockholders specialise in the supply of aluminium alloy products

Our stock range covers a broad range of product types, shapes and sizes including bar, sheet and plate which can be processed in-house with techniques such as billeting, plate sawing and guillotining.

High quality aluminium alloys

  Including wrought and cast aluminium
There are two main types of alloyed aluminium; wrought and cast. Wrought alloys (rolled, extruded or forged) are strengthened either by work–hardening or by heat treatment, with different alloying elements being added to achieve the required strength. Cast alloys are usually very different in their composition to their wrought counterparts, as suitable composition is required for the production of effective casting materials. The wrought alloys are also divided into two groups: heat-treatable and non heat-treatable alloys. Heat-treatable alloys are produced in the main for their strength and durability while the non heat-treatable alloys for their ductility, weldability and corrosion resistance.

Alloy Specifications

All alloys are given a specification number and a combination of letters and numbers that are placed after this specification number to indicate the strengthening process undergone by the metal. For example, the alloy specification 6082 often carries the definition T6 – this indicates that it is solution treated and artificially aged (also known as “fully heat treated”), while alloy 2011 often carries the T3 definition, indicating it has been solution heat treated, cold worked and naturally aged to a substantially stable condition.

Other common designations are:

F as manufactured, with no heat treatment and without regard to work hardening
O the product is annealed, soft
T4 solution heat treated and naturally aged to a substantially stable condition
T5 cooled from elevated temperature shaping process and artificially aged
H12 strain hardened to ¼ hard
H14 strain hardened to ½ hard
H16 strain hardened to ¾ hard
H18 hard condition

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