Aluminium Alloys

Thames Stockholders supplies two types of aluminium; wrought and cast. Rolled, extruded or forged wrought aluminium alloys are work-hardened or heat-treated to increase strength.

Aluminium represents a popular and versatile engineering material which offers numerous benefits:

  • Superior strength-to-weight-ratios and corrosion resistance
  • Good strength and machinability
  • Good ductility and fully recyclable
  • Good electrical and thermal conductivity
Aluminium Alloys

The introduction of various alloying elements in the production process achieves material strength. Cast aluminium alloys are somewhat different - a suitable composition is necessary for producing effective casting materials. Heat-treatable wrought aluminium alloys are produced specifically for strength and durability, whilst non-heat-treatable variants offer good ductility, weldability and corrosion resistance.

We supply an extensive range of cast and wrought aluminium alloys in various shapes and incremental sizes.

Reducing Weight, Maintaining Strength

Engineers consider aluminium a consistent product in reducing weight whilst maintaining strength.

Whilst aluminium does not provide the best strength-to-weight ratio of all alloys, it is more stable than products such as magnesium and is also 2.5 times less dense than steel.

Adaptability is another obvious benefit since both heat-treated and non-heat-treated versions offer different options. Essentially aluminium gives design engineers options to improve performance whilst reducing weight. Aluminium is a highly versatile engineering alloy which provides excellent corrosion resistance, while resistance may be improved further by painting or anodising.

Outstanding corrosion resistance, high strength, good ductility and excellent machinability are all positive characteristics of aluminium alloys.

We stock aluminium products in various forms, including bars, sheets, plates and tubes.

Stock Options

We offer various aluminium grades in shapes and sizes to suit your engineering requirements.

Our stock range's scale, size range, and supportive processing operations make us a single supply source for all your aluminium requirements. We undertake all this under one roof.

We process your materials in-house and utilise various cutting methods depending on the material form you purchase. Our billeting services process your aluminium bars to specific lengths while our CNC plate saws cut aluminium plates to close tolerances.

We also provide sheet guillotining and tube-cutting services for our aluminium stock range. Our vinyl coating service also provides aluminium sheet protection should you need it.

You will benefit from an excellent raw materials supply route when you purchase from us.

Market Support

Our aluminium stock range covers various commercial engineering activities, from general engineering applications to high-technology market sectors.

Aluminium is synonymous with aerospace applications due to the alloy's strength-to-weight-ratio, strength and corrosion resistance. The alloy is a third of the weight of steel. Our products also provide impressive thermal and electrical conductivity, ideal for producing heatsinks and electrical products.

Our materials also offer impressive ductility and reflectivity while being 100% recyclable. The product's versatility also extends to finishing, including anodising and painting.

Aluminium alloys represent one of the most popular engineering raw materials on the market, and we support our London customers with materials designed to meet a multitude of operating markets.

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