Stainless Steel Alloys

We are a dedicated stockist and supplier of high-quality stainless steels in various grades, shapes and sizes to suit your engineering needs.

Stainless steels are popular engineering materials used in various applications and afford you the following benefits:

  • One of the best corrosion-resistant alloys available
  • Excellent cleanability
  • Heat-treatable to create high-strength material
  • Aesthetically pleasing
Stainless Steels

We offer an extensive range of grades, shapes and sizes to support a variety of industries. We process your materials in-house - you will receive materials supplied much closer to your finished requirements. Our products are sourced from prime suppliers and come to you with consistency and quality, ensuring you have complete confidence in our products.

Our stainless steel products carry a unique barcode for total traceability while under our care.

Common Uses

Stainless steel is an attractive engineering material due to its numerous qualities. High strength, corrosion resistance, low maintenance and cleanability make the alloy highly usable in commercial engineering applications.

The catering industry and clean room environments benefit significantly from stainless steel since the material is solid and durable while easy to clean. Stainless is also the 'go-to' product for manufacturing knives, saucepans and countertops. The material is easily sterilised, making it highly suitable for medical applications.

The automotive and aerospace sector also effectively uses stainless steel to produce trims, engine components, exhausts, landing gear and structural joints. Many stainless steel grades are aerospace specific or developed for this market.

Corrosion resistance also plays a significant part in how stainless steel finds use. The oil, gas and petrochemical sector uses the material to produce pipelines, heat exchangers, pressurised vessels and connectors. Any corrosion-resistant application could benefit from the use of this alloy.

The versatility of stainless steel makes it an attractive engineering material for a broad range of markets.

Five Different Types

The family of stainless steels are spread over five distinct categories:

Austenitic stainless steels feature higher chromium content which provides superior corrosion resistance. The alloy is non-magnetic, although it becomes magnetic if cold worked.

Ferritic stainless steels are more cost-effective because the nickel content is lower. The alloy is magnetic and is not susceptible to chloride stress corrosion cracking (SSC).

Martensitic stainless steels are less common but benefit from ultra-high strength, excellent formability and superior hardness. Such materials are also cost-effective.

Duplex/Super Duplex stainless steels offer greater strength and better corrosion resistance than austenitic grades. The material also provides improved toughness and ductility.

Precipitation-hardening stainless steels (or PH steels) offer greater yield and tensile strength and are highly durable. The alloys can be up to four times stronger than austenitic stainless steel.

We stock stainless steel alloys in all five categories.

Vinyl Coating

We supply stainless steel sheets with a protective vinyl coating to protect your material in transit.

Once your material has been guillotined to size, our vinyl coating machines attach a thin protective film which prevents your sheets from being scratched. The feature may appear insignificant - however, stainless steels find use in many applications where the aesthetic appearance is essential.

The construction industry utilises stainless in many aesthetic applications such as fascias and handrails. Catering environments also use the alloy for worktops, cabinets and hygienic panelling. We ensure that our customers receive their stainless steel sheets in prime condition.

Our PVC coatings (or polycoating) are thin adhesive PVC plastic which we stick to the top side of the sheet by processing the material through a vinyl coating machine. The sheet goes through rollers, where even pressure is applied to the film to create good adhesion without air bubbles.

We ensure that we avoid any unnecessary surface damage to our sheet products.

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