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Stainless Steels

Corrosion Resistant Materials

Thames Stockholders is a stockist and supplier of high quality stainless steels. We offer an extensive range of grades, shapes and sizes to support a variety of industries and have the capacity to process your materials in-house - this means that you can receive materials from us which are supplied much closer to your finished requirements. Our products are sourced from prime suppliers which means they come to you with a consistency and quality ensuring that you can have complete confidence in our products time and time again.

All our stainless steel products are supplied to you with individual bar coding which offers you the ultimate in traceability.

Stainless steels for oil, gas and petrochemical applications

Stainless steels are commonly used in applications including industrial boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and sour gas applications.

Stainless steels for aerospace

Stainless is used extensively throughout the aerospace sector to manufacture fasteners, landing gear bolts, cabin trims, structural and machined parts.

Stainless used in a variety of clean environments

Stainless alloys is found in clean rooms, laboratories and food preparation areas and is used in the manufacture of knives and surgical instruments.

   Resistance to Corrosive Attack

Whilst no alloy can lay claim to being ‘corrosion proof’ certain alloys are less susceptible. Due to the inclusion of a minimum of 10.5% chromium, stainless steels are particularly adept at resisting the corrosion effects of atmospheric attack.

Stainless steel is an ideal material for use in applications where a combination of durability and corrosive resistance is required. Typical commercial applications can be found in aerospace, the oil, gas and petrochemical sector and in laboratories, clean rooms and food perparation areas.



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