Hollow Bars

We offer a fully bespoke supply service for hollow bars where we produce products to our customer's requirements.

We work with machining partners to supply hollows in alloys such as aluminium, stainless steel, brass and copper, providing an attractive material alternative to off the shelf tubes. Our products offer similar strength to solid bars but are lighter and often less expensive, while providing similar performance capabilities.

Our hollow range of products gives our customers options regarding materials and overall performance.

Hollow Bars from Thames Stockholders


Hollow bars have greater wall thickness when compared to tubes and possess superior dimensional accuracy. The product is either drilled through a solid bar or centrifugally cast. Hollow bars are often cheaper than standard bars since less weight is involved.


Hollows represent a highly versatile engineering material and find use in various applications, including valves, pumps, compressors, actuators and radially machined components. Hollows find widespread use in structural applications.

Available Grades

We offer hollow round bars in various grades to meet your engineering needs:

    2014, 5083, 6082 & 7075
    CZ114, CZ121 & CZ131
    C101, C103 & C110
    303, 304, 316, 321, UNS S17400, UNS S32760 & UNS S31803

We work with our machining partners to produce hollows in these grades to meet your exact specifications. We also process your hollow bars in-house.

Bespoke Hollow Bars

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