About Thames Stockholders



We are committed to protecting the environment.

We procure material from manufacturers who utilise the most modern manufacturing techniques and make full use of the latest recycling technology. Procuring our materials in this way has a positive impact on the environment.


We seek every opportunity to contribute to the protection of the environment. We provide facilities for the re-use of waste product and packaging by recycling and we also look to keep the use of unnecessary power to an absolute minimum too which in turn reduces the use of fossil fuels. Our company is fully committed to improving the environment in any way possible and we believe this policy also aids us in our customer service and ultimately benefits the customer.

All employees within Thames Stockholders are charged with the task of undertaking this policy as well as suppliers and customers to achieve the maximum possible through co-operation and action.

It is our belief that this collaborative approach is critical in making our policy a successful one.

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