Engineering Plastics

Engineering plastics are a group of materials that have developed quickly over recent years to become vital to many industrial applications.

Plastics offer a wealth of engineering options, including:

  • Weight-saving possibilities
  • Impressive mechanical strength
  • Performance at elevated and cryogenic temperatures
  • Wear resistance and lubricity
Engineering Plastics

Many available grades now cover various mechanical, physical and thermal properties, and their use continues to grow. Often, traditional alloys are substituted with engineering plastics, particularly in weight-saving applications.

Our high-quality engineering plastics range ideally compliments our core alloy products as it affords purchasers more options when designing products.

A Viable Alternative

Engineering plastics are often considered a viable material alternative for designers seeking specific performance parameters.

Considering plastics solely as a general engineering product would be a mistake. Our products find use in many high-technology industries where the performance and specification of our materials often surpass more traditional alloys.

Automotive serves as a good example. Not so long ago, bumpers were manufactured from steel with chromium plating. Today, bumpers are almost exclusively produced in plastic, which is just as strong but considerably lighter.

Plastics offer beneficial characteristics such as good strength-to-weight ratios and can be reinforced with other compounds to promote unique benefits. Automotive, motorsport and aerospace are all markets benefitting from high-performance engineering plastics.

Our plastics range meets the stringent demands of modern industry.

Various Options

Our plastics range provides various engineering opportunities for designers to improve their products.

PEEK, for example, may be used consistently in environments where temperatures reach 260°C and will not melt unless the material reaches 343°C. The product is one of the most advanced plastics currently available.

Nylon 6 & 66 boast high mechanical properties, with the only difference between the plastics being the melting point. Our products are incredibly versatile and offer impressive damage resistance and resistance to oils and chemicals.

Acetal finds use in various applications, including gears, cams, bearings, and electrical components. Benefits include high mechanical strength, damage resistance and low moisture absorption.

These are just a few examples of the plastics we supply, and many of these materials have numerous variants offering additional benefits.

Fast Turnaround

We supply cut plastics to our customers, door to door, within a 24-hour lead time.

We pride ourselves in offering our customers the best possible service, and plastics are no exception. Regardless of your requirement, we will endeavour to cut your plastic to close tolerances and deliver it to you in the London area within 24 hours.

We invest heavily in the latest processing technologies to ensure that our dedicated plastics stock range is supported by cutting services which add considerable value. We also hold a stock of pre-cut plastics available for immediate supply.

All our products are fully traceable while under our care, courtesy of our unique barcoding system. The system forms an integral part of our industry leading bespoke IT platform.

We recognise that added value services significantly improve your raw materials supply chain.

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