Quality Management


Excellent quality is a term used generically in business and is a claim rarely substantiated, but in Thames's case, we really can.

Quality forms the foundation of our business and touches everything we do. We have unique features in place which set us apart from your average materials stockholder.

Quality within our business is at the forefront of our business thinking and never an afterthought.

Bespoke IT Platform

Our bespoke systems are written from the ground up with a quality management system (QMS) at its core. Our systems perform hundreds of automated checks on every customer order, promoting the highest accuracy to eliminate mistakes.

Product Traceability

All products carry a unique bar code, which stays with the product while under our care. Accurate material traceability is critical in business sectors such as oil & gas, aerospace and defence. We also have bespoke supply arrangements where customers use their own part numbers to identify material in our warehouse.

Partnering with the Best

We understand that poor quality control in metal production often leads to poor consistency, which may be costly to your business.

We only partner with carefully chosen suppliers that meet our quality control expectations and can consistently produce high-quality products.

We have customers using the same machine setups since we started supplying them because our product consistency is so good. Which means they are not experiencing any downtime or costly setup changes which may affect delivery lead times.

Product Consistency

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