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Tube Cutting

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Precision cut tubes to suit you

Our tube cutting operation allows us to supply metal and plastic tubes to your exact supply requirements. We bandsaw your tubes to specific lengths working to very close tolerances.

Tubes cut with precision

  Tubes cut to suit your specific needs
To complement our range of processing services, our tube cutting operations give us the ability to process and supply our tubing products to meet your specific needs.

We can bandsaw tubes to specific lengths and handle from 12mm diameter up to 200mm with a tolerance of +/- 0.3mm on the cut length and a minimum wall thickness of 20swg. Once you have selected the material for your needs, all you need to do is let us know if you wish for your material to be cut to a specific length and we handle the entire process for you. As with all our materials, our tubes are barcoded for complete traceability and this exists even after machining operations, so you can rest assured that your engineering material will be delivered to the very highest specification and quality.

Standard Tube Cutting Programme

Diameter Range12mm to 200mm
Wall thickness20 SWG
Tolerance+/- 0.3mm

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