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A supply package with Thames will improve your through costs and work as a complete package which takes in our in-house processing options and industry leading systems.

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  What is the true cost of raw material supply?
In the modern world, there tends to be a fixation on price which appears to dictate whether a good deal is to be made or not. However, in the world of engineering materials, the physical raw material cost is only one aspect of a much more complex equation. And combining these elements into a single bespoke solutions can make real savings.

Through Cost Savings

Buying raw materials from Thames allows you to benefit directly from through cost savings. This is because the sheer broadness of product we supply means that our materials are much closer to the finished item you wish to purchase. In many cases, our product thicknesses are extremely close or indeed, match your finished requirements. Due to the permutations of different sizes and lengths of product we offer, we also minimise wastage. These all result in cost savings for your business, regardless of the raw material purchase price.

Added Value Processing

Again, having the ability to process your materials before supply means that you receive engineering products which are closer to your requirements. We take this one step further with first stage engineering - where we engineer your material to give you a head start in the fabrication process.

Effective Systems

Our bespoke IT platform provides us with the flexibility to offer you service otherwise unavailable from a standard stockholder. We can provide you with a wide range of customised supply options which include bespoke labelling and consolidated invoicing which will save you time and money. We also give you secure access and instant visibility to our systems so you can forward order, track deliveries and review our stock.

These are just a few of the many cost savings we can offer you by implementing a bespoke supply solution. The reality is that even with a very basic supply package you will instantly benefit from our broad stock range, consistency of product and rapid delivery times. Working with Thames Stockholders will not only save you money but also provide you with a competitive advantage.

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