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We offer you fully customised supply packages which are unique to your business. Not only will this dramatically improve your supply chain efficiency but save you money too.

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As a complete service provider, Thames offers a comprehensive range of value added options which when combined together can offer our customers considerable improvements in terms of supply chain efficiency and at the same time save you money.

We deal with many customers who are happy enough to purchase engineering raw materials on an item by item basis. However, more and more companies are looking to improve the efficiency of their business with a more integrated approach. In such cases, Thames can offer a completely customised supply package by utilising our industry leading bespoke systems which give unrivalled purchasing options and supply chain innovation. We can combine these options with a wide range of added value services which can extend to processing operations or in more complex scenarios, lead to full inventory management.

It is literally anything you want it to be...

Imagine a world where your supplier can tailor the management of your engineering raw materials to meet your specific needs? Then imagine no more...

We offer:

CERTAINTY - a high level of certainty that stock is available
SINGLE SOURCE - a single, streamlined source of supply
FORECASTING - accurate demand analysis using complex algorithms based on 'real world' experience
VISIBILITY - online visibility for the entire supply chain process, 24/7
DOCUMENTATION - online access to electronic documentation on a 24/7 basis
INVENTORY - we effective act as your fully managed material store

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