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First Stage Engineering

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Our engineering services department offers more advanced first stage engineering options for our customers - in many cases you can receive material from Thames which is ready for a single, final machining operation.

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Our well-equipped engineering services department offers a wide range of more advanced first-stage processing operations. Much of this work is bespoke to individual customer specifications. Through this service we are able to offer complete solutions that provide customers with raw material components that are ready for a single final machining operation.

Through an ongoing investment programme, we have installed a workshop that includes equipment such as lathes, presses and vertical bandsaws. We specialise in turned products such as circles, sawn circles and sawn rings.

Engineering Services Outline

Profiling tolerance1/8”3mm
Lathe turned circles (max OD)26”660mm
Lathe turned circles (max. thick.)4”100mm
Sawn circles 48”1220mm
Sawn circles (max. thick.)6”150mm

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