Engineering Alloys

We are stockists and suppliers of high-quality engineering raw materials to the Greater London Area, specialising in non-ferrous alloys and engineering plastics.

Expert Material Supply

We specialise in supplying engineering alloys and high-performance plastics to support engineering and fabrication companies located around Greater London.

Our expertise in logistics and highly robust business systems allow us to meet the most demanding customer service levels. We carry large stocks of non-ferrous materials, including an impressive range of aluminium alloys, and we support our clients with short lead times. Where required, we will set up dedicated stocks for individual customers to create even more stock certainty, improving your supply chain.

Broad Stock Range

We offer a broad stock range with various shapes and sizes, from aluminium to stainless, brass, and bronze. Our stock range also includes high-performance engineering plastics.

Our range includes materials in both imperial and metric sizes, and we add further value with processing services, where we cut your products to size. Processing options include billeting, guillotining, plate sawing and tube cutting, which we perform to close tolerances.

We design our services to offer customers a single supply source solution for engineering raw materials in Greater London.

We support various manufacturing businesses - from general engineering companies to businesses operating in commercial sectors such as automotive, aerospace and oil, gas and petrochemical.

Rapid Response

We offer genuine next day delivery on all stocked items. By utilising our systems and infrastructure, we will ensure you receive your engineering materials when and where you need it, regardless of the location.

We manage the entire process via an industry-leading bespoke IT platform that performs hundreds of checks on every order, which ensures high accuracy levels. Our platform also runs a fully embedded quality management (QMS). All our products in our warehouse carry a unique bar code for total traceability.

Our sales team offers a wealth of experience in the supply of engineering alloys and plastics, ably supported by our Group's UKAS-accredited testing laboratory, who provide comprehensive metallurgical support.

Laboratory Support

We have Group access to a modern, fully equipped, in-house UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory.

We offer our customers complete metallurgical support without needing you to go through a third party. Our team handles a range of UKAS-accredited material tests, including Charpy, tensile, physical properties and hardness testing, and chemical and metallurgical analysis. We also undertake material investigations where we solve technical issues for our customers.

Our Group's laboratory is a unique feature unavailable from other stockholders in the UK market.

Committed to Quality

Our business is driven by quality - we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that all aspects of the quality cycle are complied with, which greatly benefits our customers.

We offer:

  • Fully embedded Quality Management System (QMS)
  • ISO Accreditation
  • All material stock carries a unique barcode, offering complete traceability
  • Quality is the foundation of our business

Quality is at the forefront of our business ethos.


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6082 T651

6082 T651

6082 T651 is a controlled stretched structural aluminium alloy typically used in commercial machining operations, especially when supplied as heavy plates and round bars.

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Bronze Alloys

LB1 & LB4

Our stock range of leaded bronze includes LB1 and LB4, which finds extensive use in the manufacture of bearings and pumps. Our products promote good wear resistance.

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PEEK Plastic

PEEK (Unmodified)

PEEK is a high-performance plastic finding extensive use in various commercial engineering applications and specialist markets such as motorsport.

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Hollow Bars

Hollow Bars

We specialise in the supply of hollow bars, which we produce from various commercial stainless steel grades. We also cut your bars to your size requirements.

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