Continuous Cast Bronze - LB1

LB1 is a continuously cast leaded bronze alloy that benefits from excellent lubricity.

The alloy's lubricity makes it highly suitable for sliding applications, and it withstands high speeds under moderate loads. LB1 also performs well in bearing applications where the alignment is an issue. The product finds use in various applications, including the mining industry, where corrosive waters are present, and lubricity is poor. LB1 is a medium-strength alloy with good corrosion resistance and wear resistance characteristics. Machinability is also good.


Typical commercial applications include:

  • Medium strength alloy
  • Good corrosion resistance and wear resistance
  • Good machinability
  • Excellent lubricity
Engineering uses:

LB1 finds typical use in engineering applications such as bearings, paper mill liners, water pumps, pump components and valves. Alloy equivalents include BS 1400 LB1, CC496K, Din CuPb15Sn, UNS C93100.

Ideal for Bearings

The excellent lubricity of LB1 makes the alloy a favourite in the production of bearings and bushes. These characteristics positively impact the component's operating life cycle, while bronze is inherently easier to machine and less demanding on tooling during manufacture. While cost is also a factor, material costs are significantly offset by the extended lifespan of the finished component.

Experts in Testing

Our UKAS-accredited laboratory performs a broad range of tests and offers comprehensive metallurgical support. Our service is unique to the UK stockholding sector and is provided by our parent business, Smiths Metal Centres Limited.


We stock LB1 leaded bronze in round bars.

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Product Summary

Product LB1
Type Leaded Bronze
Availability Bar, tube and flat bar
Benefits Medium strength alloy, good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, good machinability, excellent lubricity
Applications Bearings, paper mill liners, pump components, valves
Datasheet LB1 - Technical Datasheet
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