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Our Brass Alloy Range

For engineering applications

Brass is a collective name for a variety of copper-based alloys including machining alloys, riveting alloys, bending alloys, spinning alloys and deep drawing alloys. Also known as 'yellow metals', many brass products include lead as an alloying element which results in a free machining product which is ideal for engineering applications as the material is suitable for high speed component manufacture.

Thames stock a range of high-quality brass products in numerous shapes and sizes which are available for immediate supply

We will process your brass material in-house

We will cut your brass material to size making it closer to your finished requirements.

Stainless steels for aerospace

Brass has a broad range of uses including radiators, fasteners and heat exchangers.

We stock brass in sizes which are close to your finished requirements

With such a wide range of shapes and sizes, we can reduce how much your brass material needs to be machined down.

   Alloying Elements

The performance of brass alloys can be modified by introducing different elements. For example, adding elements such as aluminium, tin and arsenic gives the material improved corrosion resistance. Likewise, introducing aluminium, iron, manganese and silicon into the mix results in increased hardness and strength. Whilst lead gives the product its free-machining characteristics.

Modifying the chemcial composition has a major impact on how the alloy can be utilised.



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