Brass Alloys

Brass is a collective name for various copper-based alloys, including machining, riveting, bending, spinning, and deep-drawing alloys.

Brass finds extensive use in commercial engineering applications and offers customers the following benefits:

  • Increased strength
  • Good ductility and malleability
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Anti-bacterial properties
Brass Alloys

Also known as 'yellow metals', many brass products include lead (Pb) as an alloying element, resulting in a free machining product ideal for engineering applications as the material is suitable for high-speed component manufacture.

We stock a range of high-quality brass products in numerous shapes and sizes available for immediate supply.

Alloying Elements

Introducing small additions of certain elements in the alloying process changes the brass alloy's performance.

Including aluminium, tin and arsenic in the alloying process creates a product with superior corrosion resistance. Aluminium, iron, manganese, and silicon increase hardness and strength.

Specific grades contain increased lead content (Pb), resulting in free-machining alloys. Free-machining brass alloys are suitable for high-volume production on automatic lathes.

The intended application dictates the brass alloy required. Some customers need brass with excellent machinability, while others may focus on strength and corrosion resistance. Like all alloys, material suitability is often a compromise.

A minor modification of the chemical composition of the alloy impacts how the material performs.

Stock Range

We offer various brass alloys in grades, shapes and sizes to suit your engineering requirements.

We stock brass bars, including round, square, hexagonal and flat bars. Our stock portfolio also includes sheets, plates and tubes processed in-house to your size requirements. The sheer scope of our stock range results in product availability designed to suit your everyday needs.

Our products are fully traceable thanks to a unique bar-coding system. All our stocked products carry this barcode while under our care. Customers who adopt our bespoke supply solutions also benefit from using their own part numbers as part of this process.

We also stock a range of free-machining brass alloys. These alloys include CZ121 and CZ128. Other brasses in our range include cartridge brass, engraving brass and naval brass alloys.

If you are looking for brass alloys from a stockholder serving London, we have the product range to support you.


Brass is a highly versatile engineering alloy finding widespread use in commercial engineering applications.

Brass finds broad use in aesthetic/decorative applications. Light fixings, door handles, hinges and rails often utilise brass as the primary material. As the name suggests, engraving brass finds use in producing plaques, name plates and signage. The material is free-cutting and easily engraved to leave an attractive finish.

Brass also possesses anti-bacterial characteristics. The material releases ions, which kill bacteria by breaking down proteins. For this reason, brass finds use in filtration systems and food processing applications. Our alloys also find use in marine applications due to the product's corrosion resistance. CZ112 is a naval brass which finds use in sub-sea and above-sea environments.

The versatility of brass makes it an attractive alloy for engineering purposes, and the material is readily available.

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