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   CZ121 (CW614N)



Offering the highest machinability of any copper alloy, CZ121 (CW614N) is a 3% lead content brass which is classed as free machining. The lead content is dispersed finely throughout the material – this acts as a combination of lubricant and chip breaker which gives the alloy its free machining properties. CZ121 has a machinability rating of 100% and is the standard by which all other copper-based alloys are compared and rated. The material can be easily soldered or brazed and combines good strength with corrosion resistance.

CZ121 offers high corrosion resistance, is excellent for soldering and good for brazing, although xy-acetylene, gas-shielded arc and resistance welding is not recommended

Typical commercial applications for CZ121 (CW614N) brass alloy include:

  • Machined components, fasteners
  • Extruded sections, window frames
  • Switch blocks, plug pins


  • Highest machining rating of any copper alloy (100%)
  • Free machining brass
  • Good strength and corrosion resistance
  • Lead content acts as a lubricant and chip breaker

We stock CZ121 brass alloy in bar, hexagon, flat bar, square bar and hollow bar. We welcome stock enquiries from both domestic and international customers.

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