Metal Cutting Services

We offer close tolerance processing options enabling us to supply you with high-quality materials, ready to machine.

Experts in Processing

We invest heavily in modern processing equipment to provide a value-added service where we cut your engineering raw materials to size.

Irrespective of whether you require cut bars, guillotined sheets or precision plates, we offer engineering material support, resulting in highly accurately processed materials. Combining processing with our enviable stock range offers a supply proposition to the Greater London area which is second to none. We provide all these services under one roof.

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High Volumes

We are part of a business group who collectively process more than 2 million billets every single year.

What makes this feat even more impressive is that we do this with full product traceability. Every material that enters and leaves our warehouse carries a unique bar code, making the product fully traceable while under our care. The accurate traceability of products includes both standard stocked items and material which has been subsequently processed.

We offer this courtesy of our bespoke IT platform representing decades of investment to provide back-office support for the material supply chain process.

Product Traceability