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Vinyl Coating Services

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Added protection for your materials

We offer vinyl coating services for sheet and plate materials. We recognise that our products are often supplied for their aesthetic finish and this service helps ensure that this critical aspect is observed.

Ensuring a quality finish...

  We protect sheet & plate products from damage
Our vinyl coating service allows us to add a protective coating to a range of sheet and plate materials. We recommend this service for any application where visual surface finish is important and where there is a risk of surface damage during fabrication. In addition, vinyl coating is sometimes used where lubrication is required during bending or shallow forming operations.

We have invested in a CNC vinyl coating line that allows us to process high volumes where required but with the flexibility to process volumes down to single sheets. During the coating a very thin layer of adhesive is applied to each sheet that allows the vinyl to be firmly attached but also allows it to be easily removed by hand when it has done its job.

Standard Coating Programme

Min. sheet thickness26 SWG0.45mm
Max. sheet thickness1/2"13mm


Green or Blue (normal duty)0.002”0.05mm
Black or White (heavy duty)0.004”0.10mm
Max Sheet width1255mm”

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