Metal Guillotining Services

Our in-house metal guillotining service provides our customers with a fast and highly accurate sheet cutting and shearing service for various sheet material products up to 6mm thick.

Our powered guillotining machines produce a straight and accurate cut to very close tolerances, which means that you will receive products cut to your exact dimensional requirements.

Our Services

Standard guillotining programme:

  • Min. sheet thickness - 0.45mm (26 SWG)
  • Max. sheet thickness - 6mm (1/4")
  • Max. width/length - 2400mm (8')
  • Vinyl coating also available
The Process

Guillotining metal sheets is similar to the simple process of cutting paper. The top and bottom carbon steel blades can cut through various metals just like conventional scissors but with much more power and accuracy.

Complimentary Services

Our guillotining service is complimented by our vinyl coating service, which allows us to offer a protected, high-quality surface finish. Discover more about our vinyl coating services by clicking here.

Accurate Processing

We can guillotine to close tolerances and to customers' bespoke requirements. We also carry a range of pre-cut sheets ready for immediate dispatch.

Efficient Supply

We combine our vast range of alloy sheets with guillotining services to provide our customers with outstanding supply chain services.

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Processing Services

Type Guillotining
Services Guillotining / Sheet Cutting
Sheet Thickness Min. sheet thickness - 26 SWG (0.45mm), Max. sheet thickness - 1/4" (6mm)
Cutting Tolerance +/-0.005" (0.127mm)
Length & Width Min. sheet length - 12" (304.8mm), Max. sheet length - 144" (3660mm), Max. sheet width - 48" (1219.2mm)
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