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   UKAS Material Testing Laboratory


We offer a unique service through our UKAS accredited materials testing laboratory. With the support of qualified metallurgists, we are able to provide vital technical support on metals, alloys, certification, standards and specifications. This not only allows us to offer your business unrivalled levels of support but also the testing services you require without the need for you to go to a third party.

This service underlines our commitment to quality and is invaluable to many of our customers. We also have the ability to tailor the services to your needs. For example, some of our customers apply mechanical properties right up to the safe working limit – we can give your business greater confidence by rigorously testing the material to ensure that your performance levels are being met.


We offer a wide variety of testing services in our laboratory which include tensile testing, Charpy impact testing, chemical analysis, metallurgical analysis and corrosion testing, weldment assessment testing, harness testing and physical properties testing. We can also provide a range of other services and investigations.

Our service is unrivalled in the materials supply sector. Whether you need independent advice or investigation we can handle everything in-house. We have even been able to investigate and conclude why a material has become difficult to machine - in one instance, it was discovered that an alloy was pitting during the manufacturing process. It turned out after in-depth analysis that the integrity of the alloy was perfect - it was the swarfe the machine was producing that was pitting the alloy. The customer was able to resolve the problem with their machinery and continued with the process which saved them considerable time and expense.

This level of unrivalled support can make a big difference to our customers.

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