CZ106 Brass

Often referred to as cartridge brass (because it was initially used in making ammunition cartridges), CZ106 (CW505L) is an alpha brass alloy with less than 37% zinc content.

The free-machining material offers many attractive characteristics. The material is malleable and can be cold-formed while providing high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. The cold-forming capabilities of the alloy are excellent, and deep drawing characteristics are also impressive. The alloy finds suitability in applications where ductility and strength are required.


Typical commercial applications include:

  • Free machining alloy
  • Excellent cold forming and deep drawing properties
  • Good ductility
  • High tensile strength
What is free-machining?

A free machining alloy (FMA) is an engineering material produced with additional additives in the manufacturing process. These additives make the finished alloy easier to machine which may significantly impact production costs. Typically, free-machining alloys are quicker to cut with less wear on tooling and less power usage. Any engineering material with these benefits will reduce overall production costs.


Deep-drawn and spun components, chains and fastenings, heat exchanger tubes, chemical processing plants

Material Specifications

CuZn30, CW505L, CZ106

Stock Availability

We stock CZ106 brass alloy in tube and sheet which is available for immediate supply.

CZ106 Brass
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Product Summary

Product CZ106
Type Cartridge Brass
Availability Tube and sheet
Benefits Free machining alloy, excellent cold forming and deep drawing properties, good ductility, high tensile strength
Applications Deep drawn and spun components, chains and fastenings, heat exchanger tubes, chemical processing plants
Datasheet CZ106 - Technical Datasheet
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