CZ108 Brass

Referred to as a brass containing 37% zinc, CZ108 (CW508L) is classified as an alpha brass and is a popular grade due to the material's hot and cold working properties.

The material can be machined but only at a slow speed with very light feeds. CZ108 finds use where severe bending properties are required. It is also known as a high-purity cold-forming brass. Product availability includes sheets and tubes.


Typical commercial applications include:

  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Superior bending properties
  • Cold working is excellent and can be easily drawn
  • Excellent for soldering and brazing
Corrosion Resistance

The corrosion resistance of the alloy is good to excellent, although the material is unsuitable for use with hydrochloric, nitric and acetic acids and most ammonias.

What is Alpha Brass?

Alpha brass is a brass alloy with less than 37% zinc content. The alloy's structure is the same as copper, as the zinc content dissolves into this structure. Characteristics of alpha brasses include good ductility, greater tensile strength and improved cold-working capabilities. The name derives from the name of the homogenous crystalline structure (alpha). Alpha brasses are used extensively in the production of bolts, pins and fasteners.

Material Specifications

C27200, CuZn37, CW508L, CZ108

Stock Range

Stock availability for CZ108 alpha brass alloy includes sheets and tubes. We also offer in-house processing services where we guillotine your brass sheets and cut your brass tubes to exact sizes.

CZ108 brass
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CZ108 Stock

Product Summary

Product CZ108
Type Brass Alloy
Availability Sheet and tube
Benefits Good corrosion resistance, superior bending properties, cold working is excellent and can be easily drawn, excellent for soldering and brazing
Applications General copper and smithing work, radiator tanks, heat exchangers, decorative components
Datasheet CZ108 - Technical Datasheet
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