CZ120 Brass

We stock CZ120 (CW612N) in plate and sheet form. The alloy is most commonly known as engraving brass - a more traditional material used for signs, plaques and decorative use.

CZ120 is an alpha-beta brass that benefits from including 2% lead (Pb) in the alloying process, resulting in excellent free-cutting characteristics. The material has a duplex phase structure, so acid-etched work is not advisable. However, the alloy combines good corrosion and strength with excellent hot formability and promotes superior machining capabilities.


Typical commercial applications include:

  • Excellent free-cutting capabilities
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good strength
  • Highly suitable as an engraving material
About Engravers Brass

CZ120 is the 'go-to' alloy for engravers. The material is often referred to as laser, leaded or compo brass and is much easier to machine when compared to standard brass such as CZ108. The material benefits from a highly polished finish which is easily engraved or lasered, so it finds extensive use in the production of name plates, plaques and signage.


As the name suggests, CZ120 (CW612N) finds use in the production of plaques, signs and nameplates. It also finds use in the production of gears, valves and fasteners.

Material Specifications

2.0380, C37700, CuZn39Pb2, CW612N, NF A51-101


CZ120 has an attractive, highly polished finish and may be engraved or laser marked.

CZ120 brass
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Product Summary

Product CZ120
Type Engraving Brass
Availability Sheet, plate
Benefits Excellent free-cutting capabilities, good corrosion resistance, good strength, highly suitable as an engraving material
Applications Name plates, plaques, gears and valves, fasteners
Datasheet CZ120 - Technical Datasheet
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