CZ126 Brass

Arsenical brass contains small amounts of arsenic, and its inclusion significantly improves corrosion resistance in water environments. CZ126 (CW707R) is our arsenical brass product.

While water corrosion resistance is improved because arsenic acts as an inhibitor, the material is almost identical to typical brass alloys. CZ126 offers good corrosion resistance to a broad range of chemicals. Other attractive product characteristics include good malleability, formability and strength.


Typical commercial applications include:

  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • High ductility
  • High strength
  • Good formability
Use of Arsenic

Arsenic is a highly toxic element potentially lethal when ingested or inhaled. Traditionally, arsenic has been used in producing tin bronzes, although working with such alloys proved hazardous. Today, arsenic finds use in alloys in minuscule amounts and just enough quantity to change the performance characteristics of the alloy. In the case of CZ126 arsenical brass, the content is only 0.4%, yet its inclusion changes the performance dynamics of the alloy.

Commercial Applications

CZ126 finds use in commercial applications including heat exchanger tubes, steam turbines, subsea applications, condensers and fire boxes.

Material Specifications

C26130, CuZn30As, CuZn30 (FR), CW707R

Stocked Products

We stock CZ126 tubes which are high suitable for use in heat exchangers. We also provide a tube cutting service in-house.

CZ126 brass
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CZ126 Stock

Product Summary

Product CZ126
Type Arsenical Brass
Availability Tube
Benefits Improved corrosion resistance, high ductility, high strength, good formability
Applications Heat exchanger tubes, steam turbines, subsea applications, condensers
Datasheet CZ126 - Technical Datasheet
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