6082 Aluminium

6082 is often referred to as a 'structural alloy' and promotes the highest strength of all 6000 series alloys.

Used predominantly in high-stressed applications such as bridges, cranes and roof structures, the alloy's extruded finish is not as smooth as others in the 6000 series, so it is not as aesthetically pleasing. In many applications, 6082 has replaced 6061 due to several factors, including excellent corrosion resistance and improved machinability.


Typical commercial applications include:

  • Highest strength alloy in 6000 series
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Good machinability
  • Replaced 6061 in many applications

6082 aluminium is the strongest 6xxx series alloy available. Compared to 6061, the alloy offers superior corrosion resistance and machinability and often serves as an ideal replacement. Weldability is also improved, although overall strength is reduced in the welding zone.

Commercial Applications

The material finds use in applications where higher stresses are present. Typical applications include bridge construction, cranes, roof trusses, milk churns and transportation.


6082 aluminium offers good machinability, producing tight swarf coils when chip breakers are used. Cold workability is also good. The alloy provides a cost-effective solution since it is machinable at faster speeds with less cutting tool wear, resulting in improved production times.

Stock Availability

We stock 6082 aluminium alloy in bar, plate, sheet, tube & extrusions.

6082 Aluminium
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Product Summary

Product 6082 Aluminium
Type Commercial Aluminium
Availability Bar, plate, sheet, tube and extrusions
Benefits Highest strength alloy in 6000 series, excellent corrosion resistance, good machinability, replaced 6061 in many applications
Applications Highly stressed applications, bridge construction, cranes, roof trusses, milk churns, ore skips
Datasheet 6082 Aluminium - Technical Datasheet
Reference Home/ Products/ Aluminium Alloys/ 6082

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