6061 Aluminium

6061 aluminium represents one of the most versatile heat-treatable alloys and is of American origin, which finds typical use in heavy-duty structures.

With medium to high strength, the material offers superior corrosion resistance combined with medium fatigue strength. 6061 offers excellent formability and weldability and is readily disposed to furnace brazing. We offer 6061 in sheet, plate and extrusion form and include T651 plates.


Typical commercial applications include:

  • Excellent weldability and formability
  • Medium to high-strength alloy
  • Medium fatigue strength
  • Superior corrosion resistance
Corrosion Resistance

Under typical environmental temperatures, the material shows little susceptibility to corrosion from atmospheric conditions. Including copper (Cu) in the alloying process results in a less corrosion-resistant product than certain aluminium alloys, although these differences are marginal.


6061 aluminium alloy represents one of the most popular and broadly utilised in this range due to the material's versatility. The alloy finds a diverse scope of usage, from architectural and aesthetic applications to industrial heat exchangers.


We stock 6061 aluminium alloy in sheet, plate and extrusions.


Our value-added processing services supporting our 6061 aluminium stock range include guillotining, plate sawing and billeting.

6061 commercial aluminium alloy
6061 T651 aluminium
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Product Summary

Product 6061 Aluminium
Type Commercial Aluminium
Availability Sheet, plate and extrusions
Benefits Excellent weldability and formability, medium to high-strength alloy, medium fatigue strength, superior corrosion resistance
Applications Heavy duty structures, shipbuilding, motorboats, aircraft structures, pylons and towers
Datasheet 6061 Aluminium - Technical Datasheet
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