2024 Aluminium

Alloy 2024 is a material specified for use in the aerospace and military sector in aerostructures, wing tension members and fuselage applications.

The alloy's suitability is primarily due to the material's good fatigue resistance. Alloy 2024 maintains strength due to improved fracture toughness and fatigue crack growth. This material is available in the annealed state in T3, T4 and T8 tempers. The material provides good machinability characteristics, although atmospheric corrosion resistance is poor.


Typical commercial applications include:

  • Excellent toughness at moderately high strength levels
  • Good strength, good fatigue resistance
  • Improved fracture toughness
  • Good machinability
Reducing Weight

The alloy is more prone to the effects of corrosion and, therefore, is often supplied cladded with a more resilient material. Nevertheless, 2024 offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio alternative to titanium and steel alloys.


The material finds extensive use in aerospace applications, including critical structures, wing tension members and fuselage manufacture.


While the mechanical properties of the alloy are impressive, the subsequent heat-treatment process (or temper) dictates the product's final overall strength. The alloying process includes the introduction of copper, and the product is malleable in the soft, annealed condition.


We offer 2024 aluminium in sheet and plate from stock, with the ability to process these materials to your specific size requirements.

2024 Aluminium
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Product Summary

Product 2024 Aluminium
Type High Strength Aluminium
Availability Sheet and plate
Benefits Excellent toughness at moderately high strength levels, good strength, good fatigue resistance, Improved fracture toughness
Applications Wing tension members, critical aircraft structures, aircraft fuselage, commercial & military aircraft
Datasheet 2024 Aluminium - Technical Datasheet
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