1050A Aluminium

1050A rolled aluminium sheet is a non-heat treatable unalloyed (pure) material grade.

The material is supplied as a sheet metal product and finds use in general engineering applications where high-quality mechanical properties are considered unnecessary. 1050A was previously known as S1B under the old British Standard specification with the half-hard temper known as H4, resulting in the designation S1B H4. 1050A is recognised internationally as grade EN AW 1050A H14 - a 99.5% pure aluminium sheet strain hardened to the half-hard temper. We supply 1050A aluminium alloy sheets to meet both national and international standards.


Typical commercial applications include:

  • Good surface finish with good anodising qualities
  • Very good welding characteristics
  • Capable of cold forming
  • Can be processed economically

Due to the alloy's purity, 1050A is relatively soft and provides only fair machinability. Half-hard tempering will improve the overall hardness of the material, but alloyed aluminium products are much better at withstanding friction and abrasion. 1050A is not a free-chipping material grade.

Corrosion Resistance

1050A offers impressive corrosion resistance - the unalloyed aluminium can be utilised successfully in typical industrial and marine environments, although specific alloyed aluminium grades may provide better suitability. A good example is 5251 (NS4).

Surface Treatment

Grade 1050A also offers good anodising properties for technical and decorative/aesthetic use and is well suited to electrolytic and chemical brightening.


The material can be easily MIG, and TIG welded. When welded effectively, it provides strength up to 65MPa. Note that this will depend on the welding method and the quality of the actual weld. A suitable filler metal is required when welding to 1050A structures (1050A (S-Al99.5) or 4043A (S-AlSi5)).

1050A Aluminium
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Product Summary

Product 1050A Aluminium
Type Unalloyed aluminium
Availability Sheet
Benefits Good surface finish with good anodising qualities, Very good welding characteristics, capable of cold forming, can be processed economically
Applications Automotive components, architectural applications, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, general sheet metal work
Datasheet 1050A Aluminium - Technical Datasheet
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