5083 Aluminium

5083 aluminium is a material that offers exceptional performance characteristics in the most extreme environments.

Our stocked product (available in plates and sheets) benefits from superior corrosion resistance in industrial, chemical and seawater environments. It has the highest strength of all non-heat-treatable alloys. The material also retains excellent strength after welding but is not suitable in temperatures above 65°C.


Typical commercial applications include:

  • Excellent extreme environment performance
  • Exceptional strength after welding
  • Highest strength of all non-heat treatable alloys
  • Can be hardened by cold working
For Marine Environments

5083 aluminium represents an excellent choice for use in marine environments. The alloy finds extensive use in shipbuilding and the production of pressurised vessels. Other applications include car bodies and ore skips/cages.

Other characteristics

The product is one of the more ductile 5xxx series aluminium alloys. Additions of manganese, chromium and magnesium are utilised in the alloying process to create a high-strength, corrosion-resistant engineering material.


We supply 5083 aluminium in plate and sheet form, although it is possible to source the product in tubes and forgings when required. We support the material supply process with in-house processes where we cut your products to your size requirements.

Related Specifications

A95083, AIMg 4.5 Mn, Al Mg 4.5 Mn 0.7, GM41

5083 Aluminium
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Product Summary

Product 5083 Aluminium
Type Commercial Aluminium
Availability Plate and sheet
Benefits Excellent extreme environment performance, exceptional strength after welding, highest strength of all non-heat treatable alloys
Applications Pressure vessels, shipbuilding, vehicle bodies, tipper trucks, mine skips and cages, rail cars
Datasheet 5083 Aluminium - Technical Datasheet
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