PB1 Bronze (BS1400)

PB1 (BS1400 PB1) is a continuously cast copper-based alloy which contains 10-12% tin.

The material combines good ductility, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high mechanical strength. The alloy can be successfully soldered and brazed whilst offering good resistance to shock load though the performance of wrought grades is superior. PB1 finds typical use in heavy-load applications run at high speeds. The machinability rating of the alloy is good to fair.


Typical commercial applications include:

  • High Fatigue strength
  • Excellent seawater corrosion resistance
  • High mechanical strength & wear resistance
  • Good resistance to impact loading

PB1 is a continuously cast alloy, i.e. the molten metal is solidified into a semi-finished slab or billet before rolling/finishing. Phosphorus is added before casting, deoxidising the material and offering greater fluidity. The phosphorus content is small, with no more than 1.2% added. Continuous casting provides a uniform product with better control of production costs.


PB1 phosphor finds use in heavy-load applications including flanges, hydraulics, marine ultrasonics, linear bearings, worms and gears under high loads, bushes and bearings and pump and valve components.

Weldability / Joining

The alloy is easily joined by soldering, and brazing is also good. Gas-shielded arc welding and oxyacetylene welding techniques are rated as fair.


We stock PB1 phosphor bronze in round bars, hollow bars, flat bars and plates. We offer CNC plate and bar sawing in-house to cut your products to specific dimensions.

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Product Summary

Product PB1
Type Phosphor Bronze
Availability Round bar, hollow bar, flat bar and plate
Benefits High Fatigue strength, excellent seawater corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength & wear resistance, good resistance to impact loading
Applications Flanges, hydraulics, marine ultrasonics, linear bearings, worms and gears under high loads, bushes and bearings, pump and valve components
Datasheet PB1 - Technical Datasheet
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