Bearing Bronze - LB4

LB4 (C93500) is a continuously cast leaded bronze alloy which finds typical commercial use in non-critical bearing applications under low loads.

The alloy includes 5% tin and 9% lead and benefits from good corrosion and wear resistance with reasonable ductility and good machinability. The product is classed as a general-bearing alloy and finds suitability in environments where positioning issues and a lack of lubrication are present. LB4 provides medium overall strength.


Typical commercial applications include:

  • Good wear & corrosion resistance
  • Medium strength
  • Good machinability
  • Reasonable ductility
Use in Industry

LB4 bronze alloy finds popular use in applications including shafts & bushes, non-critical low-load applications, light load bearings and pump impellors.

Corrosion Resistance

LB4 bronze alloy provides good corrosion resistance and resilience to certain acids in contaminated waters such as mining environments. The alloy is similar to LB2 and finds use in comparable applications, although the product has lower tin content, and the chemical composition tolerances of the material are broader.

Material Specifications

BS1400 - LB4, AS1565 93500, ASTM B505 - C93500

Stock availability

We stock LB1 leaded bronze in round bars. We also process your bar products in-house courtesy of our dedicated billeting services.

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Product Summary

Product LB4
Type Leaded Bronze
Availability Bar
Benefits Good wear & corrosion resistance, medium strength, good machinability reasonable ductility
Applications Shafts & bushes, non-critical, low-load applications, light load bearings, pump impellors
Datasheet LB4 - Technical Datasheet
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