SigmaBronze 12™ (PB1, PB2)

SigmaBronze 12™ represents an attractive alternative to PB1 or PB2 in various applications as it is available in metric sizes and has the advantage of higher tin content which offers a degree of self-lubrication.

The alloy combines good corrosion and wear resistance with high mechanical strength and ductility. SigmaBronze 12 is a continuously cast copper-based alloy known as phosphor bronze. Our material also provides good machinability.


Typical commercial applications include:

  • High wear resistance & self-lubricating
  • Available in metric sizes
  • High fatigue strength and mechanical strength
  • Good machinability
Commercial Applications

With many attractive performance characteristics, SigmaBronze12 finds various uses in engineering. Typical engineering applications include pumps and valves, bearings, bushes, worms & gears, hydraulics, marine ultrasonics and flanges. As the alloy is stocked in metric sizes and also benefits from self-lubricating qualities, the material represents an appealing alloy option for buyers.

Closer to your requirements

As we stock SigmaBronze12 in closer incremental metric sizes, we are likely to hold material much nearer to your finished size requirements - this may negate the need for additional machining, which will save you additional costs.

Material Specifications

BS1400 PB1, BS1400 PB2, SigmaBronze 12

Stock Range

We stock SigmaBronze12 in round bars, flat bars and tubes.

SigmaBronze 12
SigmaBronze 12
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Product Summary

Product SigmaBronze 12™
Type Phosphor Bronze
Availability Bar, tube and flat bar
Benefits High wear resistance & self-lubricating, available in metric sizes, high fatigue strength and mechanical strength, good machinability
Applications Marine ultrasonics, hydraulics, linear bearings, bushes & bearings, worms and gears under high working loads, excavators and cranes
Datasheet SigmaBronze 12 - Technical Datasheet
Reference Home/ Products/ Bronze Alloys/ SigmaBronze 12™

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