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   DTD 197A (BS B23)



Used when commercial CA104 is not deemed fit for purpose, DTD 197A (BS B23) is another wrought alloy version of 10/5/5 aluminium bronze. Developed for use in the aerospace engineering sector, the alloy is also popular in the marine and chemical sector due to the material’s excellent corrosion and erosion resistance in sea water and other chloride environments. DTD 197A offers excellent wear and shock resistance and is a high strength alloy which also retains it’s characteristics at cryogenic temperatures.

DTD 197A offers good weldability.

Typical commercial applications for DTD 197A (BS B23) bronze alloy include:

  • Aerospace components, marine hardware
  • High strength fasteners, pump and valve components
  • Heavy duty bushes and bearings, engine components


  • Excellent corrosion / erosion resistance
  • Good resistance to shock loading
  • Good weldability
  • High wear and abrasion resistance

We stock DTD 197A (BS B23) bronze alloy in round bar, hexagon and flat bar. We welcome stock enquiries from both domestic and international customers.

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