PB104 Bronze (CW453K)

PB104 is a high-performance wrought phosphor alloy that is suitable for more demanding applications and offers high mechanical properties.

The product benefits from various positive performance characteristics, including excellent wear resistance, superior corrosion resistance and good cold formability. Other attractive features include good spring capabilities and good resistance to shock loading. The alloy's bearing properties are exceptional and represent an excellent choice for demanding marine applications.


Typical commercial applications include:

  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Exceptional bearing properties
  • High mechanical properties
In the commercial world

PB104 is a highly versatile bronze alloy and finds use in shafts, spindles and bearing components, high-performance gears & engine valve guides, aerospace & marine fasteners and pump components.

Improved Performance

Including Tin (Sn) in the alloying process affords PB104 numerous performance benefits. The resulting material offers exceptional spring, bearing and wearing properties while promoting good corrosion resistance. Such performance characteristics are ideal for more demanding operating environments.

Billeting Services

We provide our billeting services in-house, cutting your bronze alloy bars to specific sizes. Combined with our parent company, we process over 2 million cut billets annually. Offering in-hour processing services allows our customers to get one step ahead in the engineering cycle.


We stock PB104 phosphor bronze in round bars.

PB104 Bronze
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Product Summary

Product PB104
Type Phosphor Bronze
Availability Round bar
Benefits Superior corrosion resistance, excellent wear resistance, exceptional bearing properties, high mechanical properties
Applications Shafts, spindles and bearing components, high-performance gears & engine valve guides, aerospace & marine fasteners, pump components
Datasheet PB104 - Technical Datasheet
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