PB102 Bronze

Due to its suitability in a broad range of general-purpose engineering applications, PB102 is the most common wrought phosphor bronze grade currently available in the UK.

The spring qualities of the alloy are superb due to the tin content used in the alloying process. Offering good mechanical and superior cold-forming properties, PB102 benefits from high corrosion resistance in a wide range of atmospheric conditions, coming close to the performance of aluminium bronzes. PB102 also provides good machinability.


Typical commercial applications include:

  • Good spring properties and low magnetic permeability
  • High mechanical properties
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Excellent cold-forming capabilities
PB102 vs PB104

The fundamental difference between PB102 and PB104 is the levels of tin content (Sn). PB104 possesses more tin content (around 8%) which gives the alloy higher mechanical properties and, therefore, better suitability for demanding environments. The decision regarding which alloy to use depends on the intended application, as both have their merits.

Commercial Applications

PB102 finds use in the production of pump and valve spindles, shafts and springs, connectors, switches & electronic components, bushes and bearings.

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Stock availability

We stock PB102 phosphor bronze in round and hexagonal bars.

PB102 Bronze
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Product Summary

Product PB 102
Type Phosphor Bronze
Availability Round bar, hexagon
Benefits Good spring properties and low magnetic permeability, high mechanical properties, superior corrosion resistance, excellent cold-forming capabilities
Applications Pump and valve spindles, shafts and springs, connectors, switches & electronic components, bushes and bearings
Datasheet PB 102 - Technical Datasheet
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