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Due to its ability to be used in a broad range of general purpose applications, PB102 is the most common wrought phosphor bronze grade currently used in the UK. The spring qualities of the alloy are superb due to the tin content used in the alloying process. Offering good mechanical and excellent cold forming properties, PB102 benefits from high corrosion resistance in a wide range of atmospheric conditions, coming close to the performance of aluminium bronzes.

PB102 also offers good machinability

Typical commercial applications for PB102 bronze alloy include:

  • Pump and valve spindles, shafts and springs
  • Connectors and switches, electronic components
  • Bushes and bearings


  • Good spring properties
  • High mechanical properties
  • Low magnetic permeability
  • Very good corrosion resistance
  • Excellent cold forming properties

We stock PB102 bronze alloy in round bar and hexagon. We welcome stock enquiries from both domestic and international customers.

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