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General engineering steel for industry

With modern industry heavily reliant on the supply of general engineering steels, Thames Stockholders meet this demand with a wide range of materials that are readily available from stock.

Steels for Industry

  Mild steels offering Low Carbon Content
The mild steels are low in carbon content and are best suited to applications where heavy loads or stresses are not involved. These alloys are most suited to use in the manufacture of products where their easy workability and weldability make them ideal for a range of fabricated products. Carbon steels are generally stronger than mild steels. Their ability to accept hardening treatments is their greatest attribute. Alloy steels complete the range, with specific alloying elements added to make them suitable for a variety of high-strength and other applications.

Steel standards & specifications

There are literally hundreds of specifications relating to steels. British, German and American specifications are commonly found in the UK, however, European harmonisation has added still more.

In practice most steel users will come across a relatively small number of specifications as part of their work and indeed many users will know of only a few steels that meet all of their requirements.

BS 970 was revised in 1970 and the En designation was replaced by a six-digit system. In this system the first three digits refer to the alloy type, the fourth digit (letter) indicates if the steel is supplied to Analysis, Mechanical property or Hardenability requirements and the fifth and sixth digits represent a value that is 100 times the (mean) carbon content. En3B was not included in this 1970 revision as the specification was considered too loose. The nearest equivalent to En3B is generally considered to be 080A15 or similar.

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