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   EN19T (709M40T)



EN19T (709M40T) is a bright drawn engineering steel which is suitable for a variety of commercial applications where high tensile strength and high load strength is a requirement. Benefitting from added molybdenum, EN19T not only offers high tensile strength but also high shock and load tolerance characteristics. Supplied in the ‘T’ condition, the steel's tensile strength performance can be as high as 1000 N/mm².

EN19T (709M40T) can be machined to fine dimensional tolerances and is therefore highly suitable in the production of precision components. Machinability of the steel is generally good though the product is more difficult to machine when compared to free machining engineering steels. A high-quality appearance can also be achieved by using carbide tipped tools. EN19T (709M40T) displays good ductility and resistance to wear – the grade can also be flame induction hardened or nitrided to maximise the wear and abrasion characteristics of the material. This can result in a care hardness of 50 HRc or greater. EN19T is also suitable for use in elevated temperature applications whilst offering reasonable impact properties in low temperature atmospheres.

EN19T (709M40T) is classed as a low alloy chromium molybdenum through-hardening steel. Unlike the majority of engineering steels, EN19T does offer fair corrosion resistance. Due to the materials’ high tensile strength, EN19T is suitable for high-load applications such as gearboxes. Initially, EN19T was developed and introduced specifically for the automotive and machine tool market although now attracts a much broader customer base, extending into new market areas such as oil, gas and petrochemical. EN19T (709M40T) lends itself well to any commercial application where strength is a primary consideration.

EN19T (709M40T) is produced to much tighter sectional tolerances when compared to general mild steel. This creates a flatter, straighter material with a much more consistent cross structure and this consistency will help to reduce your machining costs. We supply EN19T in a wide range of sizes which often negates the need for you to machine the material down.

EN19T (709M40T) is a popular engineering steel for high strength applications and therefore has a broad market audience. Examples include:

  • Gearboxes, axles and crankshafts
  • Connecting rods, gears
  • High tensile bolts, studs and fasteners
  • Propeller shaft joints, rifle barrels
  • Automotive and oil & gas sector applications

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