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   EN32 (080M15)



EN32 (080M15) is a bright drawn engineering steel with low tensile strength and is intended for use in general engineering applications, particularly for low stressed components. Classed as an unalloyed low carbon engineering steel grade, when case hardened the material offers a hard, outer surface with tough internal core. Tempering of EN32 is recommended to offer maximum case toughness and stress relief with a tempering range from 150 – 200°C. A core strength of up to 490 N/mm² can be achieved for components when carburised. EN32 should be considered for any lightly stressed applications where good wear resistance is a consideration. Other engineering steels should be considered where extra strength is required.

EN32 (080M15) can be viewed as a ‘crossover’ material as essentially it is the same product as EN3B but is marketed and supplied specifically for case hardening work.

EN32 (080M15) benefits from being readily machinable and weldable in the supplied condition. As EN32 is a cold drawn material it is produced to much tighter sectional tolerances when compared to mild steel equivalents. Being flatter and straighter promotes better machining consistency and a more consistent cross section. Our EN32 bar product is supplied in a variety of incremental sizes which often removes the need for customers to have the bar machined down. By offering EN32 in a form which is closer to your individual requirements ensures that you save time and unnecessary expense.

Another cost saving factor is our ability to provide you with EN32 bar stock which is highly consistent in terms of quality and performance on a repetitive basis. This provides numerous benefits – for example, as we purchase EN32 from prime suppliers, the consistency of the product will mean that you may not need to change your machining setup due to variances in batches. This level of consistency will undoubtably have an impact on your supply chain and through costs.

EN32 (080M15) is a general engineering steel which is ideal for producing lightly stressed parts and components. Application examples include:

  • Spindles and gears
  • Bushes, rollers and cams
  • Used in lightly stressed components
  • Applications requiring good wear resistance
  • Collet chucks

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